Indoor farming, urban agriculture, city farming, vertical farming… choosing the right name seems difficult already! We call it Total Controlled Environment Agriculture… growing plants under full controlled conditions.

With our expertise from state-of-the-art horticulture, we are able to serve growers and investors on topics like:

  • cultivation methods & crops;
  • energy concept (cooling, power);
  • farm layout and logistics;
  • supplier selection.

Very important are the objectives. Do you want to grow crops on places with extreme climatic conditions (cold, hot, humid)? Do you want to grow crops during particular periods of the year when regular cultivation seems not possible or feasible (lack of sunlight, short days, too warm nights)? Do you want to grow crops directly next to consumers (next to factory, next to restaurant, next to hospital)?

There are much more situations to mention. Much more questions to ask. Therefor we start our job with an Assessment of Possibilities (AoP).

Based on the collected information and discussed boundary limits and starting points, all will be translated into a conceptual project design. This technical design is the base for calculations on CapEx and OpEx to check feasibility and viability.

If the results are promising enough to go forward, the design will be elaborated. Process of tendering can start of find a contractor for the entire project or to select specialist suppliers on particular parts of the project.

After supplier selection and contracting, the process of detailed engineering and manufacturing starts. During the construction stage, we can guard the planning and applied technical solutions to make sure that all is build and installed as meant to be, within the time frame and within budget.